Sunday, December 31, 2006

Another 'Yank in Europe' Post -- Beasley Gets it Done! DaMarcus Beasley came on as a second-half substitute for Manchester City against West Ham United. In a pouring rain (they do get a lot of rain in England, don't they?) Beasley turned in rather spotty, chaotic play during his first fifteen - twenty minutes after coming on. In the 83rd minute, however, Beasley quieted a lively West Ham crowd, with the dramatic, game-winning goal.

The play began unassumingly enough with Beasley taking a pass, with his back to the goal, about thirty-five yards out. Though Beasley did not appear to be in a threatening position, he immediately proved otherwise. Beasley quickly turned on the ball, and then turned on the afterburners. DaMarcus ran past his man, then split the two remaining West Ham defenders, as he raced by them. Finally, Beasley drove the ball just inside the near post for his first goal in the English Premiership, breaking a scoreless tie. After the game, DaMarcus got a nice hug from West Ham's American international Jonathan Spector, who turned in quite a good game, even if he didn't produce the results of DaMarcus Beasley. Bravo, DaMarcus!

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