Wednesday, June 27, 2007

If There was Ever Any Doubt About Barry Bonds, the man has confirmed he's a complete jackass. He has been quoted as saying that the Baseball Hall of Fame can have his gear from the record-breaking home run game, when it happens. Sounds great, right? Barry Bonds that generous and munificent? Something's wrong with that picture, right? Well, it seems, what Bonds meant by his gear is his underwear and pants, and maybe his hat and glove. Not the things the Hall of Fame would actually most covet -- his bat and his jersey. Nor his shoes, for that matter. He "just" wants his bat, jersey and shoes. The Hall of Fame can have the rest of his "gear". Gee, Barry. Thanks for the smelly socks.

I can see the display now: "These are the socks and the jockstrap Barry Bonds wore when he broke the all-time Home-Run record. Everything else is in the slugger's private collection -- no doubt alongside the syringes he used to inject steroids and human growth hormone, to help build the body that was capable of so many home runs."

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