Tuesday, January 16, 2007

D.C. United makes its move - No, they haven't signed anyone with anything like Beckham's fame, or talent. Instead, United dipped into the Honduran leagues and plucked a veteran originally from Brazil, Luciano Emilio. I dont know the first thing about Emilio, but I did talk about him this weekend with a Honduran fan of Emilio's current club team, Olimpia. My new friend, Guillermo, thinks Emilio's a good addition to the United fold. So, I'll leave it at that. It's a start. United still has a couple of other holes to fill, and they really should aim a little higher. The Washington Post reports the team is still looking to add a player from the Brazilian or Argentine leagues. That effort should definitely continue.

United hasn't had a key Central American player since the days of Raul Diaz Arce. Though Emilio is originally Brazilian, and plays in Honduras, not El Salvador, United probably hopes that this move will be attractive to the local Central Americans, mostly Salvadoreans, who haven't forgiven United for giving away Diaz Arce.

If personnel moves aren't your thing, you might be more interested in the announcement that the SuperLiga games at RFK this summer will pit United against Morelia and Club America, perhaps the most popular Mexican side. Huge crowds can be expected for these games. MLS officials haven't decided to open RFK to its full capacity for the MLS Cup final this year, but these SuperLiga matches could fill the stadium to capacity with delirious Mexican soccer fans from up and down the Eastern United States. A twist to the Emilio signing is that United is scheduled to play Olimpia in a Champions Cup match, before the start of MLS season. More about United's latest news is at

An interesting note from overseas: Liverpool, the team noted for having the most 'nativist' fans -- fans that live the hooligan lifestyle with pride, is about to be purchased by a consortium led by the sheikh of all sheiks, the Emir of Dubai. There will be a brand-spanking-new stadium going up next to the Reds' Anfield home. Still, I wonder how this purchase will be received by the faithful.

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