Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Washington Post "borrows" my phrase -- I responded to Boswell's column last Friday on the Nationals -- I wrote here, on this blog, and in an email to Boswell, that the Nationals would be "historically awful." In today's paper, writing about Ryan Zimmerman's optimism, the Post's beat reporter, Barry Svrluga wrote this: "Zimmerman is a bit defiant about the naysayers who are predicting a horrible -- perhaps historically horrible -- season for the Nationals."

"Historically horrible???" I guess I must be one of the naysayers, and, I suppose that I should be flattered..... Zimmerman Remains Upbeat About Lineup.

For what it's worth, Z-Man, I agree that the lineup could be OK -- especially, if Guzman rediscovers his hitting stroke, and Johnson gets healthy, and so on, and so on.....The biggest problem with the '08 Nats will be the incredibly inexperienced and not especially talented pitching staff.

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