Thursday, February 01, 2007

United brings back Dyachenko -- Mortgaging the team's future, D.C. United traded for Rod Dyachenko. Though Toronto had drafted the youngster off the United roster, there were questions about his immigration status. He might have had problems getting into Canada after each road trip, since he has no passport. Now, he only has to worry about getting back into the U.S. after games in Toronto...or international games in Honduras and Mexico. Seriously...get a passport.

Oh...and I was kidding about mortgaging the future. The current trend is for high picks to sign in Europe, so D.C. probably isn't losing much in giving up its first round pick next year. On the other hand, as I've written here before, I just don't see what United sees in Dyachenko. Whatever it is, it must be limited to practices. Dave Kasper says "He really came on last year." I can't say that Dyachenko contributed to any of the team's successes. In fact, though it's mostly coincidental, United stopped playing well about the time that Dyachenko started to get a bunch of playing time. It is true that Dyacheno is tall, and you can't teach height. Maybe, he will pick up the rest soon.

RSL Update: Steven Goff links his blog to an article in the St. Louis Dispatch about the machinations going on with Real Salt Lake and a possible relocation ot St. Louis. Just click this link: Failed deal in Salt Lake may bring a team here.

One more note about Liverpool. The Reds are up for sale -- Previously, I noted a report that the Emir of Dubai was to buy the team and fund the new stadium. Apparently, that was a premature report. The Dallas Morning News is running a story that the Texas Rangers' owner Tom Hicks, is joining in a bid with the owner of the Montreal Canadiens, to buy the fabled English club. It's hard to understand this new trend with Americans investing in E.P.L. teams -- Hicks would be the third American to take over an English football team. If anyone ever needed proof of how out of whack things have gotten in hte U.S.A., with the super-rich having more money than they could ever figure out how to spend, this is the undeniable evidence. It would seem there are oligarchs outside of Russia.

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