Friday, April 27, 2007

The Democratic Presidential Candidates Debated Tonight (sort of) -- There were no clear winners. Some folks thought Obama did the best job, while others thought he seemed hesitant, unfocused and amateurish. Some thought Hillary Clinton was the star, while others found her shrill. Some folks thought that John Edwards gave the best account, while others were struck by his silences and evasive answers. Some folks even preferred Bill Richardson or Joe Biden, while others were almost oblivious to their performance.

Everyone seemed to agree on a few points. First, there wasn't much debating going on, except for Mike Gravel's attacks on the other candidates, who, according to Gravel's interpretation, are contemplating nuclear attacks on Iran. Second, everyone agrees that Mike Gravel is at least a little bit nutty. Third, Dennis Kucinich's young wife is stunningly sexy. Readers might recall that Kucinich was a bachelor when he ran four years ago -- and his supporters arranged some dates for him, or something like that. This happy match, between the leprechaun candidate and the sultry redhead, is the result. Everyone also agreed that the format was not very illuminating, and there was a consensus that Brian Williams and MSNBC did not do a good job moderating/hosting the event. Perhaps, they should have gone with FOX, after all.

Finally, according to the article on the New York Times' website: "Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut also took part in the debate." The Dodd campaign must be delighted by this exciting news, confirming their candidate's attendance. Apparently, Sen. Dodd did not say anything worth mentioning in the Grey Lady's report.

On other topics: Fisch will be in attendance at RFK, Friday night -- to catch the Mets, in action against the Nationals, weather permitting. Regular readers can look forward to my report, though I might not get it up before Saturday.

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