Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- The good? Well, I'm enjoying the Mets' fine start to the '07 season, taking the first two games in St. Louis -- but I want to focus on D.C. sports. So, here goes:

The Good? D.C. United actually turned in a pretty good performance against Chivas. Though they went down in defeat 2-1, the score could easily have been reversed. Jaime Moreno's cheeky bicycle kick for a goal was real artistry and showed tremendous awareness of what was happening around -- realizing the keeper was out of position, and that the bicycle was the quickest way to get the ball over the defense and on goal. Also, Troy Perkins made some nice stops in goal, for United.

The bad? For starters -- Troy Perkins' mistake in failing to hold on to what turned about to be the winning goal. Once he got his hands on the ball, there was no excuse for letting it into the net. As disappointing as the result was, one can't say United was bad -- they were outplayed, to be sure. Yet, if Perkins holds on to that shot, and if Gomez is able to put away the one excellent chance he had in the second half, United could be playing in the Champions' Cup final.

The "bad" certainly applies to the Washington Nationals -- so does "the Ugly." The Ugly really describes Dmitri Young's play atfirst base. After the opener, I wrote that some of the Nationals players really belong in Triple-A ball. Dmitri Young has a major league quality swing, but he should not be allowed to play the field. This guy has "Designated Hitter" written all over him. The Nationals have to get Casto over to first base, as soon as possible. Or, bring up Broadway, if he hits the ball at Columbus.

The day Nick Johnson comes back should also be the day the Nats' deal Young to an American League team -- if not sooner. If Young has a good couple of weeks at the plate, I'd consider shopping him around, as soon as Logan comes off the DL. The Nats need a power hitter, to be sure. With his defense, though, Young may end up costing the Nats more runs than he produces. I mean him no offense -- he's a very good hitter, but he belongs in the A.L., where he can be a DH. Trading Young might also bring the Nats help at another position, or bring in a good prospect for the future -- somewhere they need help more than at first base.

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