Sunday, July 08, 2007

U.S. U-20s to play Uruguay -- It's official. The U.S. U-20 squad will be taking on Uruguay in the Round of 16, on Wednesday, at the U-20 World Cup in Canada. Despite a surprising loss to Zambia that knocked Uruguay from the top spot in their group, this is not a team to be taken lightly. They have Edinson Cavani, one of the most promising young South American players. The much heralded Cavani (he's called "Edison" on Wikipedia, but the FIFA site uses "Edinson") has justified pre-tournament hype, having scored in each of Uruguay's first two games, a tie with Spain, and a win over a determined Jordanian team. Of course, Uruguayans live and breathe futbol (the senior team has advanced to the semifinals in the current Copa America), so this squad is certain to be a deep and talented one.

The winner of the U.S.-Uruguay match will advance to the quarterfinals, and play the winner of the Austria-Gambia match, but that's getting ahead of ourselves. See you at Summers Restaurant for the game on Wednesday. I'll be wearing my 'good luck' Sam's Army tour of Germany shirt. Hey -- it may not have been much help in Germany, but I was wearing it Friday, when the U.S. U-20s beat Brazil.

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