Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Year of Blogging Vigorously -- It's been a year since The Fisch Fry debuted, and it has become more of a sports blog than I intended or expected. It's rare that I write about much else. I'm closing in on 3,000 hits for the website. This seems pretty impressive -- to me, anyway. It's a big number in baseball -- a Hall of Fame number -- why not in blogging? Since I didn't figure out how to add a counter for the first five days, I still have time to get to 3,000 hits in that first year -- at least, by my way of reckoning.

It's been an interesting year, though. This blog was early to the question of why George Allen was denying his Jewish family roots. Indeed, my posts may have played a role in prompting Peggy Fox's question on the subject, directed to the Senator in a debate. That touched off a furor that came on top of the Macaca moment, and helped propel James Webb to victory in that race. On the other hand, my efforts to make Tom Davis' ethics a major issue bore no more fruit than did the efforts of his challenger, Andy Hurst.

I intend to focus more on politics in the future, but The Fisch Fry will be less of a focus for me, in general. Already, I'm not posting nearly as often as I did in the first six months. There's so much to comment on, including the refereeing scandal at the NBA, more doping at the Tour de France, the Michael Vick mess, the talk of impeachment, last night's Democratic Party debate. I guess I could write forever about any of those things, and give you my opinion on all of these things -- but opinions are worth what you pay for them. I'll keep to myself on most of these questions, but I will post an entry regarding the debate.

Back to the question of blogging -- I hope to make a more formal announcement, in the very near future, of a new website, and blog. It's something I've been working on for a few months, but getting the website up is out of my hands. I turned that task over to a friend who has been generous enough to donate his services. I just don't know when the site will officially debut. Look for it at www.armisticeproject.org. I'm not linking yet because there is nothing at that address yet. I have great hopes for the Armistice Project, but I'll write more about it when the website is officially up and running. I'm hoping that will be this weekend, but I'll make a formal announcement here.

Otherwise, I expect to attend the SuperLiga contest, so you can look for my reports on the action at RFK, here on The Fisch Fry.

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