Sunday, July 30, 2006

First Week In Review -- I've spent a week now blogging, and I thought I'd comment on my first week as a blogger. Over two dozen people have found my blog, just in the last 2 days. Before that, I didn't have a counter. I feel as if I am just beginning the process of learning the ins and outs of publishing a blog -- and I'd welcome any and all input, comments, advice, suggestions -- However you want to frame it, I would welcome it.

In this first week, I've introduced myself (somewhat), and the basic concept of this blog. I've also covered a pretty wide range of topics. I've blogged about being a blogger, but mostly I've tried to hit on less metaphysical topics, including: The war on terror and the war in Lebanon; the Mexican Presidential election; and politics in Maryland (2 races) and Virginia; and, in sports, I discussed Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer (and a little about the World Cup). Tonight, I put in my 2 cents on the minimum wage/estate tax bill debate, and I revisited the war in Lebanon.

I'm humbled, very surprised, delighted and excited that so many people have found my blog so quickly. I hope I can sustain a regular readership -- and I will try to refrain from bad puns about "hooking" catch for The Fisch Fry.

Along those lines, I thought I'd conclude by previewing the coming week on The Fisch Fry (should that be "on" or "in" The Fisch Fry?): Tomorrow, I am sure to discuss the passing of the baseball trading deadline, and give you my take on it. Tuesday, might bring a report on DC United's Open Cup match. After that, it's a little more open. I've been so busy with other matters that I haven't posted my reaction to what I thought was one of the week's most extraordinary events -- the press conference held by Pres. Bush and P.M. Blair on Thursday. I promised an essay on the significance of soccer ("the beautiful game") on our little planet. I'm thinking that might fit nicely with this weekend's game between the MLS All-Star team and the English champion, Chelsea. And of course, I'll be sticking my nose into whatever I smell cooking on the newsfront.

So, ya'll come on back, now, ya'hear?

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UtahGamer said...

I'm a Democrat in Utah (rare breed of bird, indeed). What I want to know is, how can you get a 'counter' for a blog? Thanks!