Monday, July 31, 2006

MLB trading deadline -- 90 minutes left. I'm sitting here nervously, waiting for the hammer to come down on the Soriano deal. It seems so unlikely that the Nats won't trade him -- the latest sctuttlebutt is that the teams still in the hunt are all surprising latecomers to the sweepstakes: the Twins, Marlins and Red Sox.

I know I've written that the Nats will probably be much better off not dealing Soriano -- and trying to re-sign him. That doesn't mean that I'm not getting antsy, wondering if Bowden will go that way...and wondering whether I'm as wise as I pretend to be. Forecasting this stuff can be a crapshoot -- so, I sympathize with the GMs. Maintaining confidence in your judgment can be hard. I have enough trouble picking off the menu in a restaurant, without second-guessing myself. I've done a fair amount of second-guessing of Jim Bowden in the two years he's been running the Nationals...but that's just part of what makes baseball so much fun.

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