Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why THE FISCH FRY? And why should anyone be interested in it? I've checked into a few blogs over the last 2 years. I've even contributed to some with the occasional post. Tonight, I just finished watching the Nightline piece on the DailyKos. It's becoming increasingly clear to me that I can and ought to contribute in a regular forum. Frankly, I have a high enough opinion of myself to think I can offer some valuable insights and thoughtful, perspectives on a wide range of matters that will be worth reading. I'll try to keep it lively and interesting.

So, what's The Fisch Fry going to about? Mostly politics...probably. I've got a B.A. in Political Science, a law degree and 2 Master's of Laws - The first in International and Comparative Law and the second in Taxation. I've worked (mostly as a volunteer) on numerous campaigns from local to congressional to Presidential. One year, I was even paid to be legislative counsel to a State Assemblyman in New York. I also did a turn as an intern for a defense policy think-tank. So, I have some background to speak knowledgeably and intelligently about what's going on in the world, on politics and policy, legal matters, international law, and even military/defense matters.

Politics, the law, world affairs -- these are my passions, but not my only passions. Anyone who paid any attention to World Cup coverage probably heard the following quote repeated far too often: 'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I'm very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.' The quote was authored by a famous coach of the Liverpool football (soccer, to you and me) side - Bill Shankly. Apparently, Shankly is an English football version of Vince Lombardi. OK, so we heard that quote far too much last month. On the other hand, I've been to every World Cup since 1986, except the '02 tournament (nothing personal against South Korea or Japan -- it just wasn't in the cards then). Witnessing the way the world literally comes together over a game, I can tell you that there is a lot of truth in Shankly's observation. To be sure, it's not about just soccer -- it's about whatever is important to you... because it's your thing -- As trivial as it might seem when you hold it up against famine, wars and genocide, that thing, whatever it is, enriches your life. Something like soccer is so woven into the social fabric around the world that we know it really is bigger than each of us...and that's the beauty of it.

Sports, in general, should not be dismissed as trivial entertainment. I believe that Sports are wonderful -- and they are a wonderful outlet for our personal competitiveness and for national pride. You can expect a post exploring that subject soon...and you can expect a fair amount of discussion about Sports here. Not just soccer. As amazing as that can be, I think Sports nirvana is found in the Zen of baseball. Expect a lot in this space about baseball. I wish I was doing this blog before the World Baseball Classic, as well as before the World Cup. It would've been fun to start the discussion back then. But I digress. And there is so much more to talk about. You can look forward to my learned commentaries on (American) Football. To be honest, I think there was a time when I knew as much about the NFL as anyone...at least in the superficial way that most fans understand the sport. I was a famous whiz in my high school at picking against the spread. I only wish I had the money to bet in those days. If the interest is there, we'll see how much of that talent I've retained. And, no doubt, I will pretend to know enough to say something intelligent about other sports (hockey, basketball, the Olympics, cycling, etc.).

Readers are invited to offer any insights or comments they care to share on any and all of the above, or anything else they think is relevant and/or important. And maybe, I might interest readers in my musings on life -- there are surely more things in heaven and Earth than have found their way into my philosophy, but every once in a while I might have something pithy to share.

That's my basic plan -- my initial conception of The Fisch Fry. You're wondering about the name? Here's the deal: Fisch -- short for my last name. Right now, I'm thinking about trying to preserve my privacy, so that's all I'll say about that. Fry -- Fisch Fry -- we're going to see how many carcasses we have to fillet, fry up and eat for lunch before The Fisch Fry has run its course. Did I mention I'm a bit of a foodie? Good new recipes will always be welcome on The Fisch Fry.

My mission statement: The next couple of years may prove to be the most consequential in American history. Politics in this country -- policies, too -- have fallen far off the track. Derailed? It's a massive train wreck. Sure there's a minority that doesn't see it that way. Unfortunately, they're at the controls. The country -- we, Americans -- need to get this ship of state back on course. And it's not just about us anymore. If the last six years have shown us nothing else, they have proven that what happens here will have enormous consequences for the rest of the world.

So, we're all on the same page? I hope in the months or years ahead that I can make a contribution to the political debate. The Sports will be an outlet -- that's the beauty of sports: we can talk about it, even argue for hours and there are no hard feelings...at least not on The Fisch Fry. No hard feelings allowed. Of course, I hope readers will be entertained, amused and (dare I hope) enlightened. So, hang in there as I to turn up the heat. Hopefully, we'll hold some feet to the fire, if they need it, and maybe we'll have some good eats, too!


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