Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AC Milan Grabs the Halftime Lead -- In the first half of the European Champions' League final, Liverpool looked the stronger side, but it was the crafty Milanese side that grabbed the 1-0 lead, just before halftime. In the 45th minute, Xabi Alonso fouled Kaka just above Liverpool's defensive box.

As Andrea Pirlo readied to take the free kick for Milan, the half moved into stoppage time. Pirlo bent his free kick around the Liverpool wall, where Inzaghi basically got in the way of the shot. Filippo Inzaghi had broken towards the goal, presumably to go after any rebound, but the ball found him on its way towards the net. As he twisted to try and get his arm out of the way, the ball deflected off of Inzaghi, changing directions completely. Liverpool's goalie, Pepe Reina, was caught diving one way, while the ball was redirected off of Inzaghi towards the other end of the Liverpool goal. Inzaghi gets the credit for the goal, but didn't really do anything more than get in the way of Pirlo's well-taken, neatly bending, free kick.

If Liverpool cannot comeback in the second half, people will be studying this goal for years to decide whether the goal should have been allowed. The ball appeared to hit Inzaghi's arm, and then was redirected into the net. The ball may have struck Inzaghi's chest, but it surely got part of his swinging arm. Did the ball play Inzaghi's arm or the other way around? Not exactly the "Hand of God," but this will be a pretty controversial goal.

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