Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who Are These Guys? If the Washington Nationals could play their home games in Cincinnati, it seems they'd be a totally different team, offensively. On Monday night, the Nationals took an early 6-1 lead, but squandered it in the final innings, to lose 7-6. Last night, the Nats won on Felipe Lopez big smash, as the Nats put up a season-high 8 runs. Tonight, the Nats really outdid themselves, as they did their best 'Bash Brothers' imitation. Ryan Church, Brian Schneider and Ryan Zimmerman each homered, with Church doing the trick twice. This time the Nats went up 9-1. Though their bullpen surrendered a bunch of runs, the Nats scored in double figures for the first time this season, and held on to win 12-7.

They brought their team batting average above .230 (the Nats are still the weakest hitting team in the NL), and brought their won-loss record even with the Reds' own. That means the Nats are on the cusp of giving up first position in the contest for the highest draft pick, at least among National League teams. Since they ended their previous road trip, the Nats have posted a 9-4 record. a hot streak that any team would be proud to have. So, I have to echo Bob Carpenter's words: "Who are these guys?"

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