Sunday, May 06, 2007

Baseball Fans should check out tonight's ESPN game. This will be one of the most interesting debuts by a pitcher in a very long time. The Giants' Russ Ortiz is hurt, so the Giants are starting Tim Lincecum. His minor league numbers are simply staggering: In 2006, Lincecum struck out the highest percentage of batters (minimum 100) of any Minor League pitcher in the last 10 years, 30.9. This year, he has a 0.29 E.R.A. In his minor league career, with 62+ innings, he has over 120 strikeouts, and has surrendered 26 hits and eight runs. Giants' fans were wondering how long their team could keep this wunderkind down on the farm. You can be sure none of the Giants' starters wanted to be the one to get hurt, because it may be hard to make a case for being allowed back into the rotation. Remember Wally Pipp?

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