Friday, September 08, 2006

The Fisch Fry endorses Stuart Simms for Attorney-General.

First, a word about Simms's opponent, Douglas Gansler. Mr. Gansler has come in for some criticism for spending the taxpayers money trying John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo for their killing spree, which took place primarily in Montgomery County, where Gansler has served as State's Attorney -- the top prosecutor's job. The critics, in essence, held that it was a waste of money, since the defendants had already been found guilty in Virginia, and Muhammad was sentenced to death there. The Montgomery County trials were said to be another example of Mr. Gansler's propensity to seek out the cameras at all costs. In this instance, the criticism is unfair. Mr. Gansler would not have been doing his job had he deferred to the Virginia justice system. Montgomery County had been terrorized by the sniper spree and justice could not be done without a trial here. If ever there was a need to prosecute someone, there was a need to try Muhammad here, in Montgomery County.

That said, Mr. Gansler's reputation for grandstanding is well-earned. He was reprimanded by the Court of Appeals for comments he made on a radio program about some of his office's cases. We all have seen politicians like him before. Their ambition can be a good thing in an office like the Attorney-General. The A-G's office has the power to really represent the people's interests, if the A-G is willing to be creative and aggressive. That's what Eliot Spitzer did in New York. Doug Gansler could be that kind of Attorney-General, but there is legitimate concern that he does not have a serious enough temperament for the job.

Stuart Simms epitomizes seriousness. No one could have a more sterling resume, with a long record of public service. He is well-respected by the state's leading politicians. He is highly intelligent, and experienced. As a prosecutor in Baltimore, he's seen the state's biggest problems up close -- in his face. He may have a more reserved reputation than does Gansler, but Simms' resume belies his ambition. Doug Gansler would be an excellent choice for Attorney-General, but Stu Simms is a better one. Simms will be a terrific Attorney-General for Maryland. Vote for Stuart Simms on September 12th.

For a more detailed review of Stu Simms' record, click the link to the Baltimore Sun's endorsement of Mr. Simms.,0,5008607.story

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