Thursday, September 07, 2006

FOX Pillories Hillary by Proxy -- If you didn’t see the premiere of the new series, Standoff, on the FOX network, you missed a really mean and not so subtle personal attack on Senator Hillary Clinton. The show revolves around a pair of FBI hostage negotiators. In tonight’s episode, a Congressman’s kid takes over a diner wearing a vest packed full of explosives. His shtick is he’s a Muslim convert, but the reality is he’s a troubled young man who has come to hate his absent mother. Mom, you see, has spent her adult life devoted to her husband’s political career. Picture the Emma Thompson character in Primary Colors, but much colder. Mom, also, wears stylish blue suits and with her short coiffed dyed blond hair bears a definite physical resemblance to a certain U.S. senator from New York.

The son, you see, decided to go out in a blaze of infamy to destroy the only thing his mother cared about it – her husband’s political career. As the drama plays out, Mom saves the day by sending her son a message: “I’m sorry. I never wanted children.” So, the son realizes that it was never his fault – it was always his mother’s problem, because she was 100% the ambitious political wife, and never a mother to her child.

Of course, the actress who played the congressman’s wife is quite beautiful, tanned and fit. Still, the resemblance to Clinton leaps out at you in the final shot of her, as she watches her son being led away in handcuffs. In fact, I didn’t see the resemblance until that moment, but it was so striking, that I have to believe it was deliberate. Given FOX’s political bent I have to think it was a not-so subtle effort to subliminally assassinate the Senator’s image.

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