Saturday, September 09, 2006

Time's Running Out. The Fisch Fry is about 2 visits (updated numbers) shy of 100 for the week. It would be the first time we hit triple digits for one week. As it stands now, with only a few minutes (or hours -- the blogger and Bravenet clocks seem to be a little erratic) before the week ends, I've already had more visitors than any previous week. But, it's slowed down in the last 48 hours, since the end of the D.C. United game (I had lots of traffic -- I guess checking out my in-game updates).

I've posted a lot of material since then, so I thought I'd index/summarize it quickly here, so returnees can see what they've missed:

The biggest audiences were for my posts, last weekend, on the upcoming Maryland elections -- focusing mainly on the touchy issue of race in each of the major contests.

I followed that with Soccer stuff -- mostly, the D.C. United game against Chivas USA. United won that one. Also, I had some stuff in there about Euro 2008 qualifying.

Next came my post on Open Cup match between D.C. United and the Chicago Fire. United lost that one. There was a little more about the Euro 2008 tournament -- specifically, the rematch of the World Cup final between France and Italy.

In that same post, I wrote about the Bush Administration's piss-poor attempt at complying with the Supreme Court Hamdan decision regarding trials for detainees. I also gave grudging props to Michael Steele's ad in the Maryland Senate race.

In another post, I commented on FOX's newest show Standoff, and their subliminal slam at Hillary Clinton.

I followed that with my comments on Va. Gov. Kaine's decision to give up on the idea of building a tunnel for the Metro project thourgh Tysons Corner -- a victory for Republican Congressmen Wolf and Davis, who made clear to Kaine that not only were they willing to cut off the federal funding, but that they would throw up other procedural roadblocks if Kaine chose the tunnel over an elevated track contract already awarded to Bechtel.

For the first time in weeks I wrote about baseball, focusing on the Florida Marlins' rapid climb, and the Boston Red Sox' dramatic collapse.

I wound up yesterday with a few short pieces -- on Comcast finally airing Washington Nationals' games, and a letter to the editor that was supposed to be in today's Montgomery Gazette -- written by yours truly (I haven't seen the paper, so I can't confirm it ran -- the online letters section hasnt been updated yet this week).

Friday was endorsement day -- as I have thrown my support (such as it is) to Stuart Simms (Maryland Attorney-General) and Ike Leggett (Montgomery County Executive).

And I closed with the good news confirmed -- the Nationals are finally on my TV!! The week that was....

Remember to vote on Tuesday, if there's an election where you are -- If you're in Maryland or D.C, there is. I'll post my recommendation for the Democratic primary choice in the race for Maryland's open U.S. Senate seat before the end of the weekend.

You can also look forward to my report on D.C. United's match Saturday night, against Real Salt Lake -- United comes into the game missing four starters suspended for accumulating too many yellow cards. This means a big role, finally, for Rookie Rod Dyachenko. The Washingotn Post is running an interetsing profile of him in today's paper.

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