Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Fisch Fry offers its first official election endorsement:

I'd like to urge all Montgomery County residents to vote against Steve Silverman in the County Executive race. Silverman has lots of money for TV advertising. Apparently, though, he's quite desperate to win -- and he's running a shamefully negative advertising campaign.

Instead of sticking to touting his own record and ideas, Silverman is focusing on tearing down his opposition, Ike Leggett. The ads call Leggett "A Nice Guy with Bad Ideas." The latest features a clip of Leggett on a radio program, stating that he believes the gas tax in Maryland should be raised. Regardless of whether this is a good or a bad idea, it's not a matter for the County Executive. The state gas tax is an issue for state legislators and the Governor.

I was prepared to vote for Silverman. Even after the Washington Post and the Montgomery Gazette both endorsed Leggett, I was still trying to learn about the issues and the candidates, because my instincts were that Silverman might do a better job. Each new nasty ad that Silverman runs drives me further from his camp. I feel for him -- he's bitter that the endorsements went to Leggett, and he fears Leggett might win. This would slow Silverman's climb up the political ladder. Too bad, Steve. There's no excuse for your disgusting ad campaign. If this is a sign of your political future, we can all do without it.

On September 12th, Democrats in Montgomery County should cast their vote for Ike Leggett to be the next County Executive.

Check back this weekend for The Fisch Fry picks in the races for U.S. Senator and Attorney-General in Maryland...

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