Thursday, August 10, 2006

Early Report (#2) -- Soccer -- According to press reports, DC United scored a tremendously artful goal to earn a 1-1 tie against David Beckham's Real Madrid squad, in Seattle, last night. I'm looking forward to watching a taped broadcast of the game, this evening. The tying goal was the product of a reportedly dazzling display of passing, begun by Freddy Adu and finished by Alecko Eskandarian. Wonderful news for United fans and those fans of the U.S. national team, who are waiting for Adu and Esky to make their mark on the international scene. More evidence that the level of play in the MLS is improving. United, of course, is the cream of the crop in the MLS right now, but let's spend a moment to count our blessings, not our failings.

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