Sunday, August 27, 2006

Soccer Update: Injury report - According to the Washington Post, D.C. United's Domenic Mediate will undergo surgery for a broken right fibula.

I feared the injury would be that serious. Obviously, it is a season-ender for Mediate, who had just started to appear in United games. I hope it isn't career-ending. I had a similar injury, once. Though the bone was displaced, the doctor was able to set my ankle in such a way that I did not need surgery. My ankle's never been the same, though, since. Even if it isn't a career-ending injury, Mediate will have a long road back. One need only look at the player that Ben Olsen never quite became to realize how debilitating an injury like that can be.

Again, it just emphasizes what a stunningly bad decision it was for for referee Mark Geiger not to issue a card to Ugo Ihemelu. The Galaxy defender broke Mediate's leg, and all the ref could do was wave 'play on?' I hope that Geiger is not allowed to referee any more MLS games. The league can't afford to keep losing its players this way. The talent level is thin enough. After tonight, it's become clear that the MLS is going to have to find better players and better referees.

For those who read the early version of my first post on the United-Galaxy game, scroll down and take a look at my revised version. I've revised the post a number of times -- you might have missed some good stuff.

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