Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Twofer Tuesday -- First up, a grab-bag of things: The Lieberman campaign is complaining about a cyber-attack that has attacked its campaign website and shut down the email from the website. CNN read a statement from the Lieberman camp, asking challenger Ned Lamont to tell his "cyber-allies" to call off the dogs. CNN's reporter kept repeating that the Lieberman camp accused the Lamont campaign of doing or directing the deed.

I bring this up, because I'm anticipating that Lamont supporters will quickly light into Lieberman for supposedly leveling an accusation at the Lamont campaign. It sounded to me, though, that the CNN reporter was reading something into the statement that is not there -- a personal attack. I'm not sure where that is coming from -- it's not in the statement.

Lieberman's people are pointing out the obvious: The Lamont campaign is supported by the liberal side of the internet-community. Lots of boggers, to be sure, but probably more than a few hackers, too. The Lieberman statement asked Lamont to pass the word to his supporters ("cyber-allies") to back off and play fair. What's wrong with that?

Next up: Sex shows and baseball. Thomas Boswell wrote a column criticizing the D.C. City Council and Mayor Williams for buying into a plan by a local developer to build twin 13-story towers on the north side (left/center field side) of the proposed baseball stadium. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/07/AR2006080701442.html. It's an interesting debate, but I won't weigh in here.

To me, the most interesting bit of information in the article was the following: Writing about the stadium in Toronto, which features an attached hotel beyond the outfield, Boswell reports that "the center field hotel rooms famously offer sexhibitionists." Who knew? Maybe, this will become a trend? It opens up so many possibilities for the intersection of baseball terminology and adult play. A Grand Slam? Double play? I could go on...

Speaking of which, has anyone else ever thought that Randy Johnson's nickname ("The Big Unit") is just entirely inappropriate to use in family-friendly sports broadcasts? More information than we need to know...

Finally, I created a diary yesterday on the DailyKos site, and I was overwhelmed by the numbers of people who posted comments. It's a fun, vibrant community of intelligent, well-read and thoughtful people. Think AOL chatrooms, but with actual adults, really smart people who love to cogitate and express themselves on politics. Sure, there is a danger of groupthink -- I think that has a lot to do with the political hurricane surrounding Lamont's candidacy. But, there is a real opportunity for ideas to percolate and inform.

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