Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday, August 24th -- Fisch turns 42 today. Aside from the symmetry, this is a tough one for me. I haven't quite arrrived yet -- everything seems unsettled...and I'm now as old as my father was when I was born (actually one day older). I'll resist the temptation to really wax philosophic, but I'll gladly accept any birthday wishes. Post comments and congratulations here, or send email to

My major ritual is to check out the Washington Post horoscope for the year...that, and I'll swim a mile today. I'm a little superstitious...though, I have to admit my superstitions haven't done me any good in the past. I'm like a Cubs' fan, except that I say wait 'till this year.....

I may post something of substance later...or I may just live in my own mind for today. There's a Lyle Lovett song about that -- I caught him in concert Tuesday night. A pretty darn good show. I guess that was my birthday present to myself. I was going to add the United-Red Bulls game, but life, and ex-girlfriend happened, I caught the internet broadcast -- my report on the game was short because of that. Hoping to get out to RFK for United's next league match, against the Galaxy on Saturday. FischFry faithful can definitely look forward to a report on that.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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