Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Personal Note -- This blogging stuff is hard work, if the product is going to be any good. And I do want it to be good. I've had returning visitors on each of the last 3 days. My counter service doesn't tell me if it's different people or the same person each time. Still, I'm genuinely humbled and pleased that someone is coming back for more -- maybe several someones. That's how I know this blog is worth the effort -- and it is effort. I'm constantly editing my posts. Today, after I posted a blog entry on the VA-11th race, I spent almost half-an-hour trying to isolate and fix the problem that pushed the sidebar to the bottom of my page.

I'm trying to provide the best service I can to people who find and read my blog...but I could use your help. Comments or email would be highly appreciated. Let me know how you found the blog, what content you're interested, what you think of my posts -- if you're coming back to my blog, can you tell me why? Even technical suggestions from more experienced and more computer-literate bloggers would be most welcome.

I intend to keep blogging, and I hope this blog finds an audience. I know a blog that covers a wide-range of topics may not generate the loyal audience that a single-subject blog can have. Still, I'd like to try to cover a lot of issues, and include lighter subjects, such as sports. Baseball, Football, and, increasingly, Soccer are woven into our American social fabric. I don't think you can cover this country without covering these sports. That's why newspapers have a Sports section.

On the other hand, I don't want to limit myself to sports, because there are more important, consequential things happening in this country. American soldiers are dying every day in Iraq. People live without any or adequate health insurance in this country. Globalization is dramatically remaking our economy. The rich are getting richer, while everyone else is losing ground. The climate is changing so rapidly it seems it is out of our control -- but scientists are desperately trying to convince our leaders that the climate is very much within our control and we need to take immediate actions to remedy the damage we have caused in the last 100 years. If I can shed some light, or some heat on these and other issues, the effort will be well-rewarded.

So...thanks, everyone. If anyone wants to put a link to this blog on their own site, all I ask is that you let me know. By the same token, if you'd like me to link to your blog, just ask. Keep coming back, and let me know what you think of The Fisch Fry -- Fisch. (Email me at


the Bardguy said...

I found this blog while trying to search for all information I could about the unprobably RSL victory over DC United last weekend.

For an RSL fan, good news like that happens quite rarely, and I'm glad that you wrote a little about it.

I go to every match, and if you caught it on TV they had a camera on our little supporters group at the end of the game. We're not the Screamin' Eagles, but we're still passionate about the RSL guys.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog.

Fisch said...

Fisch thanks the bardguy. There is something Shakespearian -- tragic, comic and epic -- about soccer...Very cool name.