Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Let's Go Mets! Mets Win!!! This was great to see. The Mets should have been starting Pedro Martinez today, or Orlando Hernandez, but they lost both to injuries within the same week. The loss of Hernandez is especially painful. He was pitching extremely well, of late, the best of all the Mets' starters. More to the point, the Mets acquired Hernandez to use him for the playoffs. They had the division effectively locked up when they made the trade for El Duque. They didn't get him for the pennant drive. Rather, they traded for Hernandez solely to give them more pitching depth and experience during the playoffs. Now, they have to do without both Pedro and El Duque, for as long as they are alive in the playoffs.

Today, John Maine pitched a good game, and he was helped out by one of the stranger plays in playoff history -- as Paul LoDuca tagged out two runners at home plate, one right after the other. LoDuca actually had his back to the plate showing the umpire he still had the ball after applying the first tag to the lead runner, Jeff Kent. Then Maine screamed that J.D. Drew was trying to score, and LoDuca turned and applied the tag just in time. A hugely important play, especially since the Mets won by one run, 6-5. The Mets' games should be fun to watch -- not likely to see any 1-0 or 2-1 games. Let's Go Mets!

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