Sunday, October 01, 2006

Politics isn't dead -- The Fisch Fry will resume political blogging in the next couple of days. There's a lot to write about, but I've laid back to watch events unfold. The past week has seen the House and the Senate pass the greatest challenge to civil liberties in this country since we kicked King George out of America. O.K, that's a bit of an exaggeration -- but it's probably the worst blow to civil liberties here since the Korematsu case, when the Supreme Court signed off on F.D.R.'s concentration camps for Japanese-Americans during WWII. Maybe it's time for another imperial George to get knocked down a peg or three.

And then there's the fast-growing scandal that has already consumed the career of Rep. Mark Foley for disgustingly inappropriate emails to underage congressional pages. Foley had to resign, but there may be a bigger scandal looming, as the press begins to explore a months-long cover-up of Foley's conduct by the House Republican leadership. The New York Times is already sniffing around the story, and I have a feeling that this could explode into the biggest scandal in years. (

The Foley cover-up story is too juicy to let go without comment. This isn't the usual politics-as-graft story. This is the most cynical, and base hypocrisy, covering up and hiding a pedophile because he was a popular Congressional incumbent. Apparently, the Republican House leadership is determined to go after and expose pedophiles, unless the predatory pedophile is one of their own.

Well, look at that -- it seems I've already started back into the political to and fro. Stay tuned to this bat-channel...

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