Friday, October 27, 2006

My All-Time Favorite Movies List: I responded to a list on the DailyKos with one of my own. The problem with such a list is it depends on (1) your mood, and (2) your ability to recall the right movies -- but here's a few I like to remember:

* Funniest political movie ever: Being There
* Best low-budget movie ever: El Mariachi
* Best campy Sci-Fi: A three way tie -- Planet of the Apes, Star Wars and Matrix (Alien is champ in its own genre of sci-fi/horror/thriller)
* Best Snort-ripping (or, rip-snorting, if you prefer) adolescent sex romp: The film that defined the genre - Animal House
* Best Foreign Language Comedies: A tie between Johnny Stecchino and The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe
Best Holocaust tear-jerker: Tie between Schindler's List and Life Is Beautiful (La Vita e Bella) (so different that they each get a mention) The Pianist is no better than a distant third, I think
* Coolest prison-camp movie: Tie, again - The Great Escape and Bridge Over the River Kwai
* Best Baseball movie: Still, the champ -- Field of Dreams, but there are some good second choices. I'm partial to Eight Men Out -- I also liked HBO's Soul of the Game, but it's not quite in the same class - perhaps I'll do a separate post for best baseball movies
* Best Football or Soccer movie: Are you kidding???? One good enough to make a best-of list?
* Sweetest movie: A tie - Driving Miss Daisy and Breaking Away
* Most affecting ever: The Killing Fields
* Best Woody Allen Movie -- By popular acclaim, Annie Hall -- though, in some ways, this is picking among apples and oranges. Stardust Memories and Manhattan have a different kind of charm, and they're the mark of a more mature filmmaker
* Best Law School Movie Ever: The Paper Chase
* Best Mainstream called 'cult' film: The Shawshank Redemption
* Best actual cult film: Each generation should have its own -- I nominate 1) Repo Man 2) The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, and 3) The Big Lebowski * Best American Movie not even nominated for the AFI's 100 Films list: The Year of Living Dangerously (doesn't make up for Mel's being a hateful, bigoted a--hole, but it's a great film)
* Best Bogart: Casablanca

For your consideration, the American Film Institute's 100 list (only American flicks, but they're all good ones): . Actually, even the AFI's 400 nominees list is missing some truly brilliant movies, but that's the nature of these things, no?

Next: The 100 Albums I'd Like to Have Someone Buy for Me, Before Tower Records Shuts its Doors Forever (sometime in the next couple of months I guess).

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