Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rooting for Detroit tonight -- Against Suppan. I normally wouldn't want to mix politics with baseball, but I won't ignore Jeff Suppan's decision to mix them up. Suppan is pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals tonight, but he's also pitching tonight against the Missouri Constitutional Amendment at issue in the McCaskill-Talent race. An ad featuring Suppan will run on the FOX stations televising the game to Missourians. Suppan's on the right-wing anti-science side on this issue, and the amendment opponents are all too delighted to take advantage of his willingness to speak out.

The anti-science crowd couldn't have a more perfect setting for their ad, unless Suppan pitches a lousy game. That's why I'll be rooting against him, and for Detroit. Even though St. Louis is the home team, part of me would like to believe right-thinking Missourians also will be hoping Suppan falls on his face, tonight.

Since I’m in Maryland, not in Missouri, I can't vote on this. That does not mean I can’t have an opinion or a rooting interest. I think this vote will have national impact -- or, at least, impact well beyond Missouri -- so, I feel it's quite appropriate to weigh in. Besides, Suppan was a big part of the Cardinals beating our beloved Mets. As if I didn't need more reason to root against Suppan, he decides to use his celebrity to endorse an effort to restrict legitimate science. In summary: Let's Go Tigers!

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