Friday, November 03, 2006

The Democrats Are Coming! The Democrats Are Coming!! Things are looking pretty good in the polls. Nationally, the news is fantastic -- Democrats seem clearly poised to take back control of the House for the first time in a dozen years. The Senate will be a closer matter. It seems that it will probably turn on the results in Missouri and Tennessee, and possibly Montana. If the Democrats take two of those three they will probably regain control of the Senate, also. In Montana, Jon Tester has led the polls for weeks. Although most recent polls in Tennessee have indicated that the Republican, Bob Corker, is leading the race, the Democratic Party's own polling, released a few hours ago, shows Ford in the lead. The Missouri race is a toss-up, but I have faith in the Missouri voters.

Certainly, locally, the news is pretty good. Democrats lead in all the major races. In Maryland, O'Malley leads Ehrlich in the Governor's race and Cardin leads Steele in the Senate race. In Virgina, Jim Webb is leading George Allen in all the latest polls, as the Allen campaign has run out of any ideas and is now openly attacking Webb for some graphic sex scenes in his fictional war novels -- possibly the lamest, most desperate negative attack in history [unless you count the ridiculous ad in upstate New York that charged a Democratic candidate with billing a call to a sex line to the state's dime -- when the Democrat had clearly mistakenly dialed the wrong prefix for a call to a state crime unit (phone logs show the correct number was dialed the next minute)].

The local media seems convinced that Republican congressional incumbents Frank Wolfe and Tom Davis will win reelection easily. I've previously written about how these two tag-teamed the Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, to get him to back off a plan to build underground Metro stations in Tysons Corner. In the earlier posts, I noted the only possible reason to oppose the plan to tunnel underground would be to support Bechtel's original deal to build aboveground. Apparently, what's good for Bechtel is more important to these two Congressmen than what will be good for generations of Northern Virginia residents. It's not too late to turn these two "gentlemen" out. The polls may be in their favor, but the only poll that counts is the vote on Election Day.

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