Wednesday, November 08, 2006

LANDSLIDE!!! Let the record be clear on this point -- I first used the word "landslide" on the Daily Kos, at 7:27. CNN was dissecting the exit polls -- discussing the top four issues. Of those four majors (corruption, the Iraq war, terrorism, and the economy) -- three broke in favor of the Democrats, in terms of influencing how people voted. Even those voters that identified the fourth issue -- terrorism -- as the most important for them, almost as many voted for Democrats, as Republicans.

Looking at those exit poll breakdowns, it seemed to me that they boded very well for the Democrats -- and suggested a possible landslide. Was I the first to use the word to predict the result? Who cares? I was right, though...

There aren't that many races that can be competititve these days, with gerrymandered incumbency. The Democrats won nearly all of them -- and added a few others that only became competitive because of Republican scandals. By current measures, this election has to be considered a nationwide landslide.

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