Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Will the Real Eli Manning Please Stand Up? There are two Eli Mannings. One is a clutch, cool customer that makes big throws, and is a true student of the game who can read defenses and make perfect audibles. The other is a guy who often can't hit the side of a barn, can't figure out where the coverage is and makes some really stupid throws. It was this latter version that showed up for the New York Giants' game tonight against Jacksonville.

We need one Eli Manning, consistently. I'd prefer it to be the first. Then, the Giants would b a top team. If it's the latter, then the Giants could admit they made a huge error and move on. But we need some consistency. Stop teasing us with promise of another Phil Simms for a few weeks each year, only to dash our hopes by looking like another Dave Brown down the stretch.

Meanwhile, I will continue to insist that much of what is wrong with the Giants could be cured with a coaching change. Bill Parcells, please stop this foolishness, and come home, already.

NBA -- I don't normally write about the NBA, because I don't enjoy the pro game very much any more. However, I saw a highlight tonight that was truly amazing. If you haven't seen it, you must check out a replay of the incredible smackdown, in-your-face block/stuff that the Knicks' Nate Robinson put on Yao Ming. The 5'9" (or smaller) guard really elevated to stuff an attempt, by the 7'6" Yao, to go over Robinson in the paint. Yao jumped, so the Knicks guard had to make up over two feet (and that's without considering Yao's considerably longer reach) to stuff Yao's attempt and knock the ball out his hands. The play is even the headline on the New York Times article on the game. On behalf of short guys all over the world: Thanks for bringing a smile to our faces, Nate.

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